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At the turn of the millennia, music production exploded.

Torrents arrived with all the software you’d ever need, the demand for plugins created an explosion of audio developers. Everybody shifted away from the analog synths, the masses of wiring, and the hardware normally used in music creation.

Convenience became the norm, the music became contrived, and micro managed. Something visceral about the music making process was lost.

Time for a change.

Matt Laws (Fearspark) is a ‘hands on’, electronic music hardware project that has been made possible with companies like Behringer creating old analogs synths for the budget conscious.  You could get a TB303 (2-4k) clone for about $100, and it would sound near identical.

A plan started to take shape by picking up gear here and there, and test runs seemed to validate the approach. Stripping everything back put the music back into a reactive relationship with the musician. Music became something created in the moment, with no more fixing things ‘in the mix’.

There’s also a magic that happens when you have both hands on the controls that can’t be replicated with a normal computer setup. It’s a bond with the equipment and process of sound manipulation that leaves the musician grinning from ear to ear.

There are only rare moments when a computer is used for loading up loops into an Akai Force, or to compliment it (AKAI have created this hardware to bond with Ableton so that you never need to touch your laptop!), everything else is hands-on and give the music a very unique and spontaneous sound.


The music that most inspired Fearspark is dripping with sonic moments that lift, rush, and captivate. Sometimes it might just be a moment that caused inspiration, or hearing weird electronic sounds that seemed to disguise imaginary voices. The videos below are a small selection of gems that kept a soul inspired through hard and dark times, and that shaped the threads woven into the music created by Fearspark.

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Keeping to a tight budget, but enabling enough functionality to produce a wide variety of Electronic Dance music, the setup is as follows.

Gear list & function:

  • 2* Behringer TD3 (Bassline & filthy 303 barkings)
  • Behringer Pro 1 (Insane analog leads, squelchy fidelity)
  • Behringer CAT (Meowings)
  • Behringer Mixer & effects (Delays & reverbs)
  • Akai Force (Loopstation & brain)
  • Tascam mixer (Recording sessions, submixes)
  • Jaspar’s 120cm Stand (gotta stand up to make dance music!)
  • iLoud MTM (Clean, cheap, loud)
  • Behringer Deepmind 6 (Midi control over Akai Force, and overlays for chord work)
  • Roland TR8s (Extra drum layers, live control over percussion)


So this setup enabled manual control over most parts of the music making process. It could be better, It could be automated, but that’s not the point – this configuration of gear is pretty much the extremity of ‘hands on’ control over the electronic music process, and challenging me to create interesting moments that are unique every time.



Matt Laws has been dabbling in music for over 30 years. Started out with guitar, and then was sucked into electronic music production.

Projects include:

  • Binary Finary (Founder/Creator)
  • Creepy Salt (Techno)
  • Glitchorus (Glitch Hop)
  • Spirachill (Ambient / Film-esque)
  • Neurojazz (Dark wave)
  • Numerous other EDM genre excursions

“Music has been a process of reinvention to challenge the self, and to create pathways into undiscovered emotional influences created through sound”